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FESOJ concluded with -a day workshop for twenty media managers in Mogadishu

Mogadishu, Tuesday, May 24, 2022: In partnership with the Finnish Foundation for Media and Development (VIKES), the Federation of Somali Journalists (FESOJ) has concluded- a day workshop for twenty media directors and media owners from the various media outlets’ operational in Mogadishu.

The workshop aiming to further raise awareness and understanding of work ethics, labour rights, and human rights issues and lobby for improved working conditions in the media sector has been held at Sahafi Hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Facilitators with expertise in media training have implemented the presentations for the workshop training that have covered key themes relating to the media work ethics, labour rights, human rights and lobbying for improved working conditions in the media sector.

The well-presented key topics covered mainly focused on work ethics, journalists’ labour rights and dealing with difficult people. In addition, short clips presented focusing on work ethics, the advantage of using labour laws, morality, case studies on careless mistakes and minding your social media.

After the workshop, Farah Omar Nur, Secretary-General of FESOJ, pointed out that FESOJ has conducted today, May 24, 2022, -a day workshop focusing on work ethics, human rights, and the conditions of journalists working at the media centres and how to change those conditions. He said the participating media directors and managers had received the workshop initiative well.

“During the workshop, it was deeply discussed the journalists working at the media outlets, their performances, their obligations and their labour rights and the human rights issue in general, and the need to change the conditions of the journalists for the better.” Farah Omar Nur, FESOJ Secretary-General, stated.

On his side, Mohamed Osman Makaraan, Secretary-General of the Somali Media Association (SOMA), indicated his pleasure to have participated in the workshop organized by FESOJ dealing with how to develop the workers at the media outlets and how to protect their labour rights.

“The workshop mainly attended by Media Directors and owners from the Somali Media Association (SOMA) which I am part of, was very important for our jobs since the lessons learned here were in-depth dealing with work ethics and how to protect and improve their labour rights. Once focused on the development of workers and discussing their rights will come under the work the media directors and owners are doing. “Mohamed Osman Makaran, SOMA Secretary-General, stated.

Furthermore, Adan Moalim Abdullahi (Adaamo) , Deputy Director of Radio Danan mentioned as Media Directors and Mangers we have gathered today for a one-day workshop on work ethics and the labour rights of journalists working at the various media outlets.

“it was highlighted for us the process and methodology of employing journalists under contract; we are very pleased to know the labour rights for the journalists working for the various media stations and the special obligations and responsibilities expected from the media directors and owner.” Adan Moalim Abdullahi (Adaamo) , Deputy Director of Radio Danan said

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