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Dropping out of school destined me to Glory, Maama Lususu’s success story brings emotions


By Julius Mugaga/KMA Updates.

Kampala, Uganda: The then S.6 student who failed to make it to her dream course is now dining in a multi-million natural health care business.

Irene Ethance  Nalubwama a.k.a Maama Lususu, Founder, Team Leader and Brand Ambassador of Maama Lususu Home of Natural Beauty responds to interview questions. Photo by Ronald Kabuubi.

In relation to International Women’s Day cerebration, Kabuubi Media Africa News Agency took a step to get the story of an African Woman that will inspire you.

During an exclusive interview, Irene Ethance  Nalubwama a.k.a Maama Lususu told this News Agency that her success in treating skin related diseases using extracts of natural origin as medicines and health-promotion has been by a series of thick and thin atmosphere.

She narrates, from childhood admired to be comprehensive nurse and midwife which dream she chased and about its ripping times, it withered. She applied course after her S.4 and by S.6 she was granted an opportunity on government sponsorship. However she was asked to come with a 300,000UGX for upkeep which she failed to raise thereby being scrapped off the list of students for the course.

Irene Ethance  Nalubwama a.k.a Maama Lususu, Founder of Maama Lususu Home of Natural Beauty emphasizes some points during Media Interview. Photo by Ronald Kabuubi.

“I felt low and hurt that I thought that was all for me”. Maama Lususu told the agency.

She however informed that while in that cycle, the spirit of guidance focused and interested her in making research on and use extracts of natural origin to help Ugandans restore and maintain their nature beauty and health skins.

Little did she know that all that was a turning point towards writing her great story of life time.

Maama Lususu skin products displayed at her shop in Kampala. Photo by Kabuubi Ronald.

With constraints of school fees to harness her studies, Maama Lususu dropped out of school and started working on the new reverence in 2002 venturing in natural herbal research to save Ugandans who grappled with skin related infections.

Because of meagre resources at the time, she started hawking her nature products all over the streets of Kampala and metropolitan with a slogan codenamed “Omweru asigale nga mweru nomuddugavu asigale nga muddugavu” which translates (let the light-skinned remain light-skinned and dark-skinned remain dark-skinned).

Maama Lususu Offices at Galilaaya Building – Level 7, William Street in Kampala. Photo by Kabuubi Ronald.

After sometime of spreading and teaching Ugandans on the value of having a natural/health skin and body, Maama Lususu became a victim of deception from competitors who germinated in a big number and those who existed at the time.

These professed that she was de-campaigning and interfering into their business since she preached a different concept that won the conscience of Ugandans in a small time margin.

Because of unstoppable passion she had developed, Maama Lususu did not give it ears but instead refueled the move to the vision.

On day, she was granted an opportunity to participate in the Ministry of Health organized natural health promotion exhibition where she was seen as an underdog of all exhibitors. However during the tour of Guest of honor and Minister of Health by then through exhibitors, she was asked many questions after seeing a few things on her stall.

Irene E. Nalubwama a.k.a Maama Lususu disowns people who disguise operating in her name. Photo by Ronald Kabuubi.

Maama Lususu narrates that this was an opportunity for to explain extensively the value of everything she had on her stall in restoring and maintaining human natural skin.

After over 20minutes of her explanation, they declared her the overall winner of the exhibition, awarded a certificate in addition to offering her a scholarship by Ministry of Health to further her studies in ……………… and get more skills in supporting her vision of making Ugandans live naturally.

Irene E. Nalubwama a.k.a Maama Lususu is the founder, team leader and brand ambassador of Maama Lususu Home of Natural Beauty a business she founded in 2002.

“My brand name was given to me by my wonderful clients after treating their skins. My natural beauty always attracted them and being with excessive care and love my children at home, they ended up nicknaming me Maama Lususu, a thing I gladly appreciated hence Maama Lususu”. She informed.

Maama Lususu tours us around her Operation Rooms. Photo by Kabuubi Ronald.

“This won me more clients at the time and my products were highly yearned for to date”. She added.

She admits that her line of business has done amazingly tangible things in life that among others include;

Teaching and equipping many Ugandans on how to maintain and care about their natural beauty using the extracts blessed to us by the creator.

Inspiring many Ugandans to fall in love with the originality of their beauty and distance themselves from synthesized imported products.

Employing many young men and women whose lives have changed because of the conducive and value addition working relationship.

Inspring parents Ugandan parents to take their children for short courses in Phytotherapy (study of the use of extracts of natural origin as medicines or health-promoting agents) and Corneotherapy (remedial skin treatment methodology).

Taking care of vulnerable children at my home (pay for them school fees) which is a direct blessing for her.

But of all, Maama Lususu admits that, what calms her heart is that she has already established a legacy and a brand that will evolve for generations even when will be out of this sweet human life.



Display of different Certificates awarded to Maama Lususu from different Organizations, (Ministries, Departments and Agencies)-MDAs. Photo by Kabuubi Ronald.

Production process of Maama Lususu Home of Beauty products.

She admits that they use purely natural products like food and fruits like avacado, eggs-smoothens the skin, sweet bananas-for allergy, paw paws-treats pimples, honey-for sores.

“These extracts are applied naturally by simple chemical emulsification. And this has made wonders for my clients and my business too as positive testimonies have come out”. She says.

She recommends Ugandans especially women to make a turn around and get back to the natural way of living with their body because short of this, may cause cancerous skin diseases which may ruin their bodies in a long run.

“Men will love a woman in her natural shape, the moment you breach you breach yourself for a light skin, it means you are not confident with your color. This kills the core attachment between you and a man”. Maama Lususu tells women.

Parents should bring their children to our offices/shop for training in short courses such that the campaign of “Omweru asigale nga mweru nomuddugavu asigale nga muddugavu” which translates (let the light-skinned remain light-skinned and dark-skinned remain dark-skinned) spreads to all Ugandans.

Irene E. Nalubwama a.k.a Maama Lususu emphasizes the campaign of “Omweru asigale nga mweru nomuddugavu asigale nga muddugavu” which translates (let the light-skinned remain light-skinned and dark-skinned remain dark-skinned). Photo by Ronald Kabuubi.

She notes that regardless of the great milestone reached, there are some challenges along the way among which are;

Impatience our trained staff. Some staff run for quick gains yet they are half-baked. After gaining little skills, they think they can do the same. This gives us a burden of training staff all time which is costly and disgusting.

Duplicators and impersonators in the same business. Many people in the same business have risen disguising in my name, duplicating my products at many times affects my brand and products.

Conclusively, Maama Lususu is a specialist in skin treatment and natural Health Care Promotion. She is a specialist in handling the following;

Acnes, Allergy, Eczema, wrinkles, Psoriasis, Body wash, Blackspots, Stretchmarks, Natural facial, Breast firming, Bleaching corns, Red and Black Namakula, Pimples and Red Pimples, Skin texture modification and others.

Reach out to her and you’ll be sorted.

As Kabuubi Media Africa, we recommend all Ugandans to go for services you’ll taste the difference.





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