Pele File Photo© PA Pele File PhotoSince having a tumour removed from his colon in September of last year, the three-time World Cup winner has been forced to undertake regular trips to hospital. There have also been further issues with one stay elongated by a urinary infection.But son Edinho, who began a short stint as manager of lower-league club Londrina on Sunday, has provided a positive update over Pele’s health picture.

“He’s good. He is in a tough battle over his health, but my father is a fighter, just as he has been his whole life,” Edinho told reporters.

“He’s still fighting. Our family prays for him a lot and we’re hoping that he will recover.”

Edinho, who played in goal for Santos in the 1990s, said he was unaware if his father watched Londrina’s 1-0 win over Tubarao in the Parana state championship.

“I confess that I don’t know,” Edinho said. “But he is going to find out once I tell him. We are cheering for him to above all get well as soon as possible.”

Edinho, 51, is normally Londrina’s Under-20 coach but was in temporary charge for Sunday’s game. He is expected to return to his normal duties next week with the arrival of a new first-team coach.

Additional reporting by Reuters.

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Pele ‘still fighting’, says son while Brazil legend forced to undergo regular chemotherapy sessions (