RAC Victoria’s Chris Breen called on the PM to use his powers to free the remaining refugees detained at the hotel.


Prime minister Scott Morrison has made a populist move to quell outrage over Djokovic’s special treatment by cancelling his visa, but this only highlights the arbitrary nature of Australia’s border regime. If Djokovic was an au pair, he may well have got in.

Will Australian Border Force instruct the Serco guards to make the windows open-able again to protect the un-vaxxed tennis star from Covid? (Serco sealed them when medevac refugees arrived there in Dec 2020, and tinted them to hide the refugees from view).

The real crime at the Park Hotel is the ongoing and arbitrary detention of 36 medevac refugees for more than eight years now.



So earlier today, WA premier Mark McGowan posted on Facebook, urging people to “not be a dropkick” when dealing with venues requesting proof of vaccination.

McGowan, who has always shown a penchant to add his own spin to things, asked people to not be rude to staff asking for proof of vaccination at high-risk venues, saying it made everyone attendance a little safer.


If you’re asked to show your proof of vaccination, don’t be a dropkick.

There is never an excuse to be rude to staff – not now, not ever. It’s not the Western Australian way.

Requiring proof of vaccination for higher-risk venues means that everyone in attendance is safer.

It’s already been rolled out in some other states and there is no reason WA can’t do it too.




So the matter has been adjourned until 6pm, wherein we will continue our coverage of Djokovic’s attempts to have his deportation reversed.

An interesting tidbit at the end was a discussion on the scope of the hearing, with parties agreeing that a visa was actually issued, and that the matter at hand was the cancellation of the visa, not the requirements of the visa itself.

It’s a small difference that I’m sure will matter once the hearing begins properly.


Good afternoon, Mostafa Rachwani with you this afternoon, a quick thanks to Tory Shepherd for her stellar job this morning. Novak Djokovic’s appeal is in the federal court right now, and we will bring you updates as they come.

Serbia’s Novak Djokovic seen here in February 2021. Photograph: William West/AFP/Getty Images© Provided by The Guardian Serbia’s Novak Djokovic seen here in February 2021. Photograph: William West/AFP/Getty Images


Judge Anthony Kelly has begun proceedings by first stating that he would like to have the matter resolved today, which I think everyone can agree is a good thing.


I’m handing you back to Marvellous Mostafa – stay tuned for that Novak Djokovic court case…