General Defao, died today in Douala, Cameroon


 General Defao, died today in Douala, Cameroon
The Congolese artist and musician Général DEFAO died in Douala on the evening of Monday, December 27, 2021. He would have been 63 years old on December 31.

According to our sources, he was diabetic (possible complication with Covid-19). When the legendary Congolese rumba singer arrived in Cameroon for a private concert last week, he felt uncomfortable and was immediately rushed to Laquintinie hospital in Douala, but unfortunately the illness defeated him

With his real name Lulendo MATUMONA, General DEFAO has lined up songs that made Africa dance like: ”Sidewalk radio”, ”Kikuta family”, ”School love”, ”perfect 1510”

From 1983 to 1991, he made the heyday of the group Choc Stars, alongside BoziBoziana before creating in 1991 his own orchestra the “Big Stars”. In his assets, the Congolese singer performed together with the famous Carlito and Debaba (deceased), the song “Kopalangana te” (1988). He also produced hit songs like “School Love” and “Engunduka”.


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