Museveni commission Shs 5.6 billion primary school he constructed in Tanzania



On a bid to complete oil deals between countries Uganda and Tanzania, the president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni made an official visit to Tanzania on the 27th on November on the invite his fellow president of Tanzania Samia Suluhu.

The visit has been concluded today as Museveni left the country in the after noon after having fianllised a number of issues in the neighbor state.

In the different meetings, the two presidents were able to emphasize the importance of their relationship in area of healthBilateral Trade, Energy, and Transportation networks as well as Integrated Markets which will be highly beneficial for both nations and their people.

The main topic of discussion was the discussion about the various opportunities and prospects that the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project will present to the East African Community. President Museveni informed the people of Tanzania and Uganda were further concluded.

The visit also included the commissioning go a Shs 5.6 billion shillings primary school in Tanzania to fulfill a presidential pledge he made to the late Tanzaniana president John Pombe Mgaufuli.

The school was named “Museveni Nursery and Primary School” and it is located in Nyabirezi Village, Chato district, which is also the home and final resting district of the late Maguli. The school sit on a 11.4 Acres of Land with an administration block, two staff roms, sixteen classrooms, a resource centre, two kindergarten classrooms, a kitchen and dining hall.

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