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2021 ELECTIONS: Prophet Mbonye claims to be knowing who will win Presidential Elections

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Zoe Ministries lead shepherd Prophet Elvis Mbonye has said that visiting heaven is part of his life and he is an occasional visitor in God’s yard.

Mbonye claimed that because of these visits to heaven, he has cemented a relationship with God that Satan fears him so much.

“Yes, it is a lifestyle. It is not that I have gone to heaven on one occasion, no. I am not getting people to believe me, it is okay for them not to believe,” Mbonye said.

Mbonye said he won the battle with Satan.

“When he visits me. I put him in his place. I don’t fight with Satan, he fears me. I do not know why people make the devil a very serious thing.”

“The devil was also defeated 2000 years ago. He was disarmed and has no power when he sees a child of God who knows His authority, he trembles,” Mbonye added.

I know how 2021 elections will end

Mbonye also claimed that he is aware of so many things in the future but he will not say them until the right time.

“I am representing God and whatever he tells me to tell I will tell. There are many things I don’t tell; several things I know about people I do not tell them. About the upcoming elections I know certain things and I know what is going to happen, but I have not told anyone,” Mbonye said.

Mbonye said that he is the sharpest prophet, and the most real there is based on his record of prophecies he has made both international and on the local scene.

Mbonye’s comments come after a one Simon Ssenyonga who acts as a mouthpiece for Zoe Ministries claimed that the prophet will decide who becomes the president of this country.

“Anyone who comes and honors the prophet can win the presidency, including the incumbent. God is not with any of those candidates who have expressed interest in becoming president.”

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