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2021 ELECTIONS: Hon Kamya credits Digital campaigns over Rallies ahead of elections.

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Minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development Beti Kamya has said that political rallies reach much fewer people than the media.

As the country gears for the 2021 general election which, according to the Electoral Commission (EC), will have to be ‘scientific’ due to the ravaging Coronavirus, some politicians have expressed concern over holding campaigns on media saying they won’t reach a wide range of their voters.

While appearing on NBS Television’s Morning Breeze however, Kamya said that media will provide a far wide coverage and reach than normal campaigns would.

Kamya said, “Rallies reach much fewer people than the media. If you save the money on rallies and use it for media, you will reach more people through TV and radio.”

Kamya said that EC’s revised roadmap intends to take advantage of the improved technology with online services and communication while keeping everyone safe.

“That is where the world is heading anyway (online). I do not think rallies are the only thing that makes an election free and fair.” Kamya said.

Several politicians have lamented that a number of media houses are owned by incumbent politicians who won’t give them a platform while adding that many privately owned media houses are expensive but Kamya brushed these claims off, saying, “Even when you are doing rallies, those with money hold bigger and better rallies.”

Kamya also disagreed with those who asked that elections be postponed saying that we don’t have a timeline on when the Covid-19 pandemic will end.

Source NBS TV.

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