The battle against Al-Shabaab: US strikes again

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The US Africa Command has conducted another airstrike as it continues to mount pressure on the Islamic Terrorist group al-Shabaab in the lower Shabelle Region in Somalia.

The US has resorted to the use of more airstrikes since the President Donald Trump took office as a new strategy to support Somali forces in their commitment to their government’s advancement of economic development, governance, and their military institutions.

“We continue to target and strike various levels of leadership within the al-Shabaab network,” said Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Gregg Olson, U.S. Africa Command director of operations. “These precision strikes help sow discord within the ranks of al-Shabaab.”

Last year, the US conducted the deadliest airstrike in Somalia since 2007 killing 60 militants with no civilian casualties.

According to local media reports, two terrorists were killed and one motorcycle was destroyed during the latest strikes and no civilian was injured or killed.

The al-shabaab has been active since 2006 having stemmed from the armed wing of the Islamic Courts Union (ICU), which later splintered into several smaller factions. Its major tactics include forced collection of taxes from civilians, illegal trade of especially oil and charcoal, and foreign aid to sustain its operations. Other tactics include: kidnaps, beheadings, and suicide attacks.