Deaths of homeless people increase by almost a quarter – National Statistics estimates.

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LONDON, United Kingdom

The National Statistics estimates that the deaths of homeless people have increased by almost a quarter over five years.

According to NSE, estimated 597 homeless people died in England and Wales in 2017, compared to 492 in 2013.

Men made up 84% of deaths of homeless people in 2017.

The research found on average homeless men died aged 44 and women at 42, compared to 76 and 81 for the general population.

It further highlighted that the Capital London and the North West had the highest mortality rates.

NSE noted that, in 2017  in England and Wales, more than half of all the deaths were caused by drug poisoning (which includes misuse), liver disease or suicide.

The highest number of deaths in 2017 came in August, with 72 dying, followed by 56 in February and 55 in May.