Uganda Referees receive their 2018 FIFA Badges

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Kampala. Uganda

The FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo has called upon Ugandan referees to uphold the key values of Integrity, Performance and Fitness to guarantee their status as FIFA referees.

He made the remarks while handing over the 21 badges to the FIFA referees for the year 2018 during the brief ceremony held at FUFA house, Mengo on Wednesday morning.

‘It is very important for you to understand the process we are undertaking. We are trying to be open and transparent as much as we can in the process of determining Ugandans to the International list. It is about Integrity, Performance and Fitness. For as long as you have those 3, you will be on the list for as long as the rules of the game’ said FUFA President.

Shamira Nabadda receives her 2018 FIFA Badge from FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo

‘In case of challenges with Integrity, Performance and Fitness as a federation we will always come in to protect the game’

‘FUFA’s mission is to be the number one football Nation in Africa on and off the field and that includes referees. To achieve that we have put in place a system that will reject you if you don’t meet the criteria, we want to have the best referees’ added Magogo.

Willaim Oloya receives his 2018 FIFA Badge from FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo

‘We believe you are our best referees so we expect you to perform to the best of your abilities’

The FUFA President further advised the referees to be cautious about conduct both on and off the pitch since they are International referees and are expected to conduct themselves accordingly.

Lydia Nantabo Wanyama receives her 2018 FIFA Badge from FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo

Issa Masembe who spoke on behalf of his colleagues thanked the FUFA President, his Executive, and the FUFA Referees Standing Committee for the opportunity and trust placed in us to be Uganda’s top crop of referees and further promised not to disappoint the country at large.

The function was attended by Hamid Juma-FUFA Executive Committee Member, Ronnie Kalema-Chairman Uganda Football Referees Committee and FUFA Executive Committee Member, Ndawula Kalema-Appointments-Referees and Samuel Egesa-Referees Manager

Mark Ssonko receives his 2018 FIFA Badge from FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo

The list of Uganda FIFA referees 2018;

Male referees: Miiro Brian Nsubuga, Muhabi Alex, Ssali Mashood, Sabilla Ali Chelangat and Oloya William.

Assistant referees; Ssonko Mark, Okello Lee, Katenya Ronald, Okello Dick, Balikoowa Musa Ngobi and Masembe Issa.

Beach Soccer: Kintu Ivan Bayige, Mugerwa Shafic and Ssenteza Muhammad

Women referees: Ssemmambo Aisah Nabikko, Naigaga Habiba and Nabadda Shamirah

Women Assistant referees; Nantabo Lydia Wanyama, Nagaddya Catherine Cynthia, Nakitto Marex Nkumbi and Mutonyi Jane