President Trump fires Secretary of state Rex Tillerson

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United States of America President Donald Trump has sacked Rex Tillerson as his secretary of state on Tuesday Morning 13th March.

According to reports, the CIA director Mike Pompeo is  expected to replace him as the Secritary of State.

The US president asked Mr Tillerson to step aside after months of speculation that the pair had fallen out.

The move amounts to a major shakeup in Mr Trump’s national security team and comes despite denials in the past from the president that he wanted Mr Tillerson gone

 It geared up a conflict of words within the US government as the State Department accused the president of not talking to Mr Tillerson before the sacking.

Mr Trump cited the pair’s differences on the Iran nuclear deal, which  the president wants to scrap, when asked about the reason for the change.

The announcement comes just hours after Mr Tillerson went substantially further than the White House in linking the UK spy poisoning to Russia.

Mr Tillerson new about his sacking from Mr Trump’s tweet, immediately after he had returned from Africa security tour.