DRC Military detains Chief on UN killings

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Kinshasa, DRC:

Reports from Democratic Republic of Congo indicate that a Village Chief in Kananga is said to have ordered the killing of two United Nations experts on duty in DRC in Match 2017,

The suspect Constantin Tshidime Bulabula was arrested on Saturday by the Congolese Military Force for ordering the killings of  UN staffs  Chilean Zaida Catalan a Swedish born and American Michael Sharp, who were on an investigative duty on dozens of mass graves in the war-torn Kasai region.

Democratic Republic of Congo Military spokesperson Anthony Mualushayi said Tshidime Bulabula, chief of a town along with Tresor Mputu were taken into custody some 100km from Kananga.

A UN report released in June described their murder as a “premeditated setup” in which state security may have been involved.

Kasai has been in turmoil since tribal chieftain Jean-Prince Mpandi – known as the Kamwina Nsapu – was killed in August last year after rebelling against President Joseph Kabila’s regime in Kinshasa.