Angry parents blocked from accessing fire gutted school

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  By Ronald Kabuubi/KMAUPDATES

24th April,2017


Angry parents, guardians nearly fought the Police and School authorities for blocking them from entering  Mother Majeri Preparatory School in Kirinya that gutted fire  last night.

The parents had stormed the School to check on their children if they were not injured in the fire that burnt the School.

The Police said  it was beyond midnight and were asked to come back this morning.

The parents were not convinced by Mr Mutebi Julius Nsubuga, the Mayor of Kira Municipality.They tasked him to explain about the Causalities that were seen in Ambulances being taken to different hospitals.

Mutebi insisted that no one was injured  but all this fell on deaf ears o attracting even more anger from the parents saying Mutebi and the Police were hiding something.The head of the school was nowhere to be seen.

Police fire brigade officers said they were investigating the cause of the fire.
Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Emilian Kayima promised to  provide facts about the incident on Monday.

The Mayor of Kira Municipality Julius Nsubuga Mutebi (Left) tries to explain to parents that no child was injured in the fire.They almost wanted to beat him up for blocking them from accessing the School but he was saved by the Police.Photo by Ronald Kabuubi/KMAUPDATES.


There was panic on Sunday evenning at Mother Majeri Preparatory School in Kirinya, in Bweyogerere-  Kampala suburb destroying millions of property.

Reliable sources said, the fire started in the boys’ dormitory while the pupils were in classrooms for night preps. There were no injuries reported.

The fire broke out at around 7pm as the pupils were having supper according to the School  administrator,Mr George Opio.

The School authorities said, the fire caught Primary Four and Primary Five dormitories.

Police rushed to the school and put out the fire.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.
An eyewitness, said the fire incident sparked panic in the neighborhood.
“We thought the kids at the school were in danger but the fire was quickly put out,” He.

A number of  of school fire incidents happened one after the other the previous years countrywide.

Bodaboda (Comercial Cyclists) are seen near a signpost leading to Mother Majeri Primary School that gutted fire on Sunday evenning 23rd April,2017.Photo by Ronald Kabuubi/KMAUPDATES.