Explosions reported at two Ugandan law makers’ homes

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Kampala, Uganda

Two Separate explosions have been reported  Tuesday morning  at the homes  of  two Ugandan lawmakers .

The two Members,of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi and Allan Sssewanyana, reported the incidents through Social media.

Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, also a Musician said in his post  that he has been receiving death threats, and some of his colleagues have advised him to be careful with his life.

At  his residence in Magere, in Wakiso District, Mr Kyagulanyi also said three grenades had exploded and smashed the window of his son, Solomon Kampala’s bedroom.
“Grenades have for the second time in two days been thrown at my house and exploded”. He added.

Property damaged and no one hurt! But what kind of country are we now living in?” Mr Kyagulanyi asked in a Facebook post.
Mr Kyagulanyi further noted that he has been receiving death threats on an almost on a  daily  basis “Let me announce to the whole world that these past days I have been receiving death threats on an almost daily basis. I have also been advised by some friends who know more than I know that I should be very careful what I eat or drink, how I drive and from where, whom I meet, even who touches me while I go to Parliament,” he said in a statement.I think the cause of this is being opposed to the lifting of the Presidential age limit bill, added.

The police have come out to say they are investigating circumstances under which the homes of two Opposition Members of Parliament were attacked with suspected grenades in the wee hours of Tuesday morning just days after another Opposition MP survived a similar incident.

Police Spokesperson Mr Asan Kasingye confirmed receiving that information and promised to investigate the matter..
“We have received information of explosions at the homes of Mr Allan Ssewanya (who represents Makindye West) in parliament and Robert Kyagulanyi (of Kyaddondo East). Our teams have started investigating the said incidents,” The explosion at Mr Ssewanyana’s Makindye residence, a suburb south of the capital Kampala occurred at 1.20am.
“People have thrown a grenade at my home. I need rescue,” Mr. Ssewanya said on facebook.

Last week, Rubaga North Member of Parliament Moses Kasibante also reported that yet to be identified people broke into his house using explosives.

Government Spokesman Ofwono Opondo said, the type of grenades seen could have been planted by the Opposition themselves.

Forum For Democratic Change (FDC’s) Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye and ,one of the strongest  Opposition  leaders in the country says,  throwing of grenades  is a move   by government to  cause fear  and intimidation in the population and families of the MPs opposed to the removal of the age limit Campaign.

By Ronald Kabuubi